Was reading this commentary on the triumphant over adversity of an American gymnast in the Athens Olympics where he lost his footing and tumbled towards the judges’ table. Yet he still won the gold medal by performing fantastically well in the last two events.

Through his triumphant, he has taught us not to lose heart when we have failed in our work, our relationships, or even our lives. If you’re brave enough to overcome all these failures, we can be triumphant in whatever we do. He has also made me realise that we shouldn’t look at the things that have passed, but look forward to what’s in the future. And cherish each day that God has given with relish.

Thanks, Paul Hamm. (And thanks, Mum).

Update: There seems to be some dispute with regards to Paul Hamms’ gold in the all-round gymnastics in the Olympics. The South Korean delegation is appealing for the gold medal after reports of points miscount by FIG.

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